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Am I affected by ENC?   Take the questionnaire below.

1. Struggle to distinguish your strengths and weaknesses?

2. Does your husband or wife feel that you are distant?

3. For no discernible reason you feel unhappy, gloomy, or irritable?

4. Struggle to calm yourself?

5. Are you in touch with anyone that you don't actually want to be in contact with? (Feeling an obligation to do so)

6. In comparison to others, you feel you are less, or lacking?

7. Often find yourself absent in situations, or have difficulty 'living in the moment'?

8. Feel angry or disappointed with yourself, using words of negativity or self blame?

9. Find it difficult to label your emotions or what you are feeling?

10. Find it uncomfortable to talk to people on the phone?

11. Judge others with less severity than you judge yourself?

12. Feel an inexplicable emptiness inside?

13. Find it hard to say "I don't want to" or "no" to people, without an excuse?

14. Feel as if you are on the outside looking in?

15. Feel as if you don't belong? (When with friends or family)

16. Find social situations uncomfortable? (Even to the point of avoiding them altogether)

17. Feel proud in not relying on other people?

18. Have difficulty with self-discipline? Often making poor decisions or doing things that you regret?

19. Find it difficult to ask others for help, and would rather do things yourself? (Even if this costs you time or stress)

20. Secretly feel as if something is not right with you as a person?

21. Avoid dealing with situations or relationships? (Ignoring or abandoning them, rather than addressing it)

22. Feel like a fraud or fake?

23. Do you go along with other people's wishes, when you don't truly want to?

24. Feel deep down that you haven't fulfilled your potential in life?

25. Prefer to be by yourself or want to be left alone?

There are varying degrees of ENC's effect on a person.

The questions which have a "YES" answer show in which areas you may be affected by ENC, which will be affecting your relationships in different ways.

Overcoming ENC needs supportive guidance, without which can be very confusing, frustrating, painful & unsuccessful.

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